Virtual Apps and Desktops

Provide a unified, secure, and simplified work experience—across every work channel and location

What is a virtual desktop?

A virtual desktop refers to a software-based emulation of a traditional physical desktop environment, operating either on a physical or virtual machine situated remotely, commonly hosted either on-premises or in cloud infrastructure. The fundamental purpose of virtual desktops is to empower end-users with the ability to access their personalized desktop environments from any location with network connectivity. This includes full-fledged operating systems and applications, which users can seamlessly access via client software or a web browser on their preferred endpoint devices, ensuring flexibility and convenience in their computing experience.

how Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops helps to solve your IT and business challenges

Boost Employee Productivity

Citrix HDX elevates the user experience when delivering virtual apps and desktops across public clouds and on-premises platforms, even over challenging networks.

Empower Secure and Distributed Work

Citrix solutions provide everything you need to keep IT security up to date. You can prevent breaches with security analytics, protect against cyberattacks and isolate threats from BYOD devices with adaptive authentication.

VPN Alternative

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop provides alternative for Traditional VPN, which is not secure now because people work remotely, using networks not secured by IT or devices they don’t manage.

Benefits of Virtual Desktops

Efficient Resource Utilization

Desktop virtualization optimizes resource usage by centralizing them in a datacenter and distributing them to user devices as needed. This eliminates the necessity for users to rely heavily on their local operating systems for running applications, as the applications operate directly from the virtualized desktop environment.

Empowerment of Remote Workforces:

Onboarding new users becomes a streamlined process, with desktop setups ready within minutes, facilitating swift integration into work processes. Users gain the flexibility to access applications from any location and device, tailoring their desktop environments to suit their requirements.

Enhanced Security:

Desktop virtualization isolates applications from the underlying operating system layer, mitigating security risks associated with unauthorized access. This approach bolsters security protocols by compartmentalizing potential vulnerabilities.

Improved Application Performance

Resource-intensive applications, which typically strain local desktop resources, can perform optimally through desktop virtualization by leveraging powerful servers for processing tasks.

Full Desktop Workstation Experience

Users can seamlessly connect to and experience a comprehensive desktop environment from any authorized device, ensuring continuity and familiarity across various work scenarios.

Accelerated Onboarding Processes

Desktop virtualization expedites onboarding procedures by delivering a comprehensive desktop experience to users from the outset, complete with necessary data and applications, regardless of the device used.

Expanded Options for Shared Devices

Industries such as contact centers benefit from desktop virtualization by enabling multiple users to access distinct desktop environments from the same device, enhancing operational efficiency.

Support for Local Resources

IDesktop virtualization solutions support local USB drives, graphics acceleration, and other essential resources, ensuring seamless integration with user workflows.

Centralized Update Management

Scheduled updates and migrations can be executed without disrupting user experiences, as desktop virtualization centralizes these processes, minimizing potential disruptions.

Quick Recovery and Backup

Desktop virtualization enables swift backup and recovery of user data, accessible from centralized cloud hosting environments, ensuring minimal downtime in the event of data loss or system failures.

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