Cloud Complexity, Find Multicloud Simplicity

Streamline operations and turn cloud complexity into multicloud simplicity.

One platform to run apps and data anywhere

Empower your business with the choice to manage cloud, apps, security and data as a single entity in one platform.

Hypervisor without the hassle

Ease of management

Intuitive tools and automated workflows to simplify day to day administration of VMs and containers.

Full enterprise features

Includes all the advanced enterprise capabilities your business relies on to meet demanding SLAs.

Lower operational costs

Spend less time deploying and managing VMs and containers and benefit from license-free virtualization

How AHV Works?

Open source at its core, Nutanix AHV extends advanced virtualization capabilities to modern hybrid cloud environments. It features a distributed systems core designed for the cloud to solve today’s complex enterprise IT challenges.

Nutanix AHV is engineered
for unrivaled ease of use

Optimized consumer-grade UI is easy to learn for admins of all skill levels.

Tight integration with the HCI stack eliminates complexity while ensuring intuitive access to networking and storage functionality like microsegmentation and storage snapshots without integration complexities.

One unified control plane simplifies management and administration.

Nutanix Cloud Manager features one unified control plane and interface to manage virtualization, hyperconverged infrastructure, virtual networking, security, and automation.

Nutanix AHV is seamlessly integrated with the Nutanix Cloud Platform.

AHV is native to the Nutanix stack of advanced technologies, requires no additional installation or integration, and features full-stack management from a single, intuitive

Full enterprise-grade virtualization capabilities

Ensure high availability for all workloads

Advanced virtualization features include VM live migration, dynamic scheduling, VM HA, and metro clustering.

Highly optimized utilization and performance

Memory overcommit, VM affinity, vNUMA, automated CPU compatibility, AHV turbo and an optimized storage stack.

Lifecycle management across the entire stack

Cloud infrastructure upgrades with one click. Start with firmware and then automate rolling full-stack upgrades.

Pre-integrated networking and storage

No additional configuration work is required.

Included in the Nutanix stack, AHV is easily up and running in a cluster deployment with no need to download additional documentation or advanced configurations.


Leverage AHV integration in the Nutanix stack

Nutanix supports multiple hypervisors while AHV enables microsegmentation, optimized storage paths, easy-to-manage virtual networking, and other native capabilities.

Fully Integrated Security

Security-hardened clusters in just one click

One-click hardening with machine-readable security technical implementation guides (STIGs) for Nutanix AHV plus self-healing and compliance using security configuration management automation (SCMA).

Microsegmentation with Flow Network Security

Nutanix Flow Network Security delivers granular microsegmentation of network security with workload-aware stateful firewalls that protect against cyberthreats, reduce the spread of malware and prevent data loss.

Secure Development Lifecycle (SecDL)

Nutanix SecDL takes a defense-in-depth approach and hardened-by-default posture for every piece of code produced to ensure a secure architecture and performs continuous audits and tests for known vulnerabilities.

More Capabilities

Cloud-native applications

Deliver and manage an end-to-end, production-ready Kubernetes environment with push-button simplicity while preserving a native user experience.

Virtual desktops and applications

AHV virtualization lowers your per-desktop costs, dramatically reduces complexity and strengthens security by using identity-based desktop policies.

Database as a service

Simplify and automate the management of SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB across on-premises, colocation facilities and the public cloud.

Remote, branch and edge

Manage remote, branch and edge services and securely provision local applications and virtual desktops in a few clicks from a central point of control.

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